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Our female staff at Wax it Delucia Holistics waxing salon based in Manchester City Centre are specialists in all waxing services we use a tea tree cream wax for a more soothing experience. So if you are wondering where can I get a bikini wax?.... We are the best choice if you are loooking for a bikini wax in Manchester. Peelable wax (hot wax) can also be used on delicate areas for minimal discomfort and is a good choice for a hollywood wax or brazilian wax.  Peelable wax is sometimes called hard wax or hot wax too. 

We can wax you from your neck to your toes as a full body wax or just your face, neck,  eyebrows, legs, back, chest and tummy or any type of wax for your bikini line area (such as, basic bikini wax, thong wax, brazilian wax or hollywood) in fact any area the choice is yours. A full body wax and a brazilian wax is the perfect holiday choice.

We are experienced in female intimate waxing and provide all types of bikini waxing in our Manchester studio such as basic, the modern, the thong, the brazilian wax and hollywood wax. We can advise you on the best wax for the bikini line for you. 

Our staff are friendly and experienced and can answer any queries you may have or put you at your ease if you are new to waxing. We provide a professional expert waxing service and can accommodate in the evenings and Sunday’s too.

Book online today or give us a call on 07449 844 122 and try our specialist waxing  service.

                                                                           We offer unparalleled services for all of your waxing needs.
Book a repeat waxing appointment and get the same area(s) waxed within 6 weeks and enjoy a 10% discount or 20% if you are a student or OAP, in                                                  addition you can receive an extra 10% discount if you refer a friend. Not eligible if already discounted.
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